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Dan Hurwitz

Dan Hurwitz

 Dan Hurwitz is a retired professional engineer for whom writing has become an enjoyable avocation.

In 1950, Hurwitz graduated with honors from Washington University in St. Louis, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Structural Engineering.

With the onset of the Korean War, he joined the US Naval Reserve and served as an officer aboard a destroyer operating in Atlantic waters.

After military service, he worked for several years in the construction industry.

In 1958, Hurwitz married Italian-born, Camilla Viglino, who went on to earn her doctorate in chemistry from Washington University in 1962. They have three children and make their home in Dallas, Texas.

In 1970, Hurwitz and his wife founded On-Line Data, Inc., a computer software house in Richardson, Texas offering a vertical package of programs for wood truss fabricators in the US and several foreign countries.

The couple and their associate, Dr. Phil Zwart, were awarded The Automated Builder Achievement Award for their “outstanding contribution to the American housing industry.”

Hurwitz served as the firm’s president until the firm was sold in 1993.

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