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Stelzers Travels, A Voyage to a Sensible Planet

Stelzers Travels, A Voyage to a Sensible Planet

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” – Liana Metal in Midwest Book Review

STELZER’S TRAVELS: A VOYAGE TO A SENSIBLE PLANET is essentially two books in one: a narrative and a discourse. Stelzer’s Travels provides an imaginative, sometimes humorous yarn that serves as a vehicle for expounding the author’s science-based cures for Earth’s ills.

Author’s Note

It would seem that an intelligent species like ourselves, equipped with the enormous amount of accumulated knowledge and technical skills we have at our disposal, should be capable of solving all of mankind’s problems. Obviously, this has not been the case. For the most part, our major problems overpopulation, pollution, dwindling water supplies, etc.—are instead worsening. We’ve invented a thousand kinds of breakfast cereal, but we can’t eliminate periodic famine. We can put a zillion features on a silicon computer chip the size of a fingernail, but we can’t seem to prevent a never-ending series of armed conflicts. We can readily jet to all corners of the world, but everywhere we land we end up wrecking the place. And on and on it goes. read more »

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