Five Most Popular Posts

Word count: 96


Word count: 145
“Proceedings of the Bemeficent Society” takes a pass.

Recommended Reading

word count: 1687
The author lists what he believes are his thirty, most interesting posts entered over the Writer’s Notebook first five years.

Episode 25 of “Homage to Luxenben”

Word count: 9619
Wedding bells


Thanks to the amazing coverage of the Internet, “The Writers’ Notebook” has interested readers from all corners of the globe and from every size nation.

Food for Thought

Word count: 1404
Gratuitous advice to grocers, restaurateurs and their patrons

A Few Random Observations

Word Count: 2531
Taking note of President Obama’s unfortunate habit of tailoring his remarks to satisfy one overriding concern–that is to say, how well they play politically. And other pertinent comments on the national scene.

Notes from Tuscany

Word count: 817
Random observations from a week’s vacation in the delightful town of Cortona, Italy.

Author’s note

Post added January 25 in response to some recent queries

The Unliars’ Fraternity

Word count: 2140
How a small country conquered big lies.

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