Engineering a New Form of Government

Word count 201
Introducing Chapters 11-17 of “Engineering a New World Order.”

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 11(rev2)

Word count: 2516
US Government has a case of bad memes. Martin and Angela seek a cure.

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 12 (rev)

Word count: 2355
Angela revitalizes the discouraged political committee and sends them forth on Gad’s path

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 13 (rev 2)

Word count: 2187
The political committee begins to formulate the principles it plans to embody in Newcapia’s new form of democracy

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 14

Word Count: 2648
The political committee describes their version of the Executive Branch, The Adminent

Bemificent Society, Chpt 15

word count: 3233
Good bye, Congress. Hello, Volitionment

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 16

Word count: 3239
The political committee designs Newcapia’s privatized law enforcement system to the satisfaction of all concerned

Bemeficent Society, Chpt. 17

Word count: 2555
The political committee answers questions regarding their proposal for Newcapia’s new form of government

Notebook in a Nutshell

word count: 144
A sampling of miscellaneous posts

The Erasmus Proclamation (rev)

Word count: 5825
There’s got to be a better way to run the world. A second look at what a sixteenth century scholar had said (or, at least, should have said.

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