Notebook in a Nutshell

word count: 144
A sampling of miscellaneous posts

Episode 16, Homage to Luxenben

Word count: 6883
Stelzer, Matilda, and Neuman attend a presentation at the Shrine in which a grove of trees acquaints the Founder with the belief system underlying Luxenben’s utopian society.

The Prevalence of Memes

Word count: 3671
More than we realize, our actions are governed by antiquated ideas that threaten the very existence of modern civilization. The essay describes how they may be combated.

The Case for a New Religion, Part I

Word count: 3396
Why religion was instrumental in furthering human progress and why its blind allegiance to ancient texts is preventing it from doing so today.

The Case for a New Religion, Part II

Word count: 2617
Given a spring cleaning and a new set of commandments, religion could once again assume its influential role of reformer and peacemaker

The Case for a New Religion, Part III

Word count: 1493
All it takes to get Cartism underway is a little programming.

Is Islam a Religion?

Word count: 950
Before Islam can be considered a legitimate religion, it has to act like one.


Word count: 1867
Creationism has enjoyed considerable success in its confrontation with various branches of science. Physics next?

word count: 1754

Open Letter to China

word count: 2653

How about another cultural revolution? Not necessarily as fervid as the first and certainly not as violent. But one that might have as great an impact over an even longer period.

Religious Differences, Act I

Word count: 6284
I originally intended to describe a viable contemporary religion in essay form. However, the more I tried to anticipate expected criticism, the more a dialogue format asserted itself.

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