Episode 24 of “Homage to Luxenben”

Word count: 7015
Stelzer gets a civic lesson.

Bemeficent Society: Prologue (rev)

Word count: 5665
How four guys, a gal, and a few bottles of wine gave birth to the Bemificent Society and, as far as anyone knows, changed the world.

Bemeficent Society: Chpt. 4

Word count: 3783
Members of the society pose a number of pointed questions to the Economic Committee and get some pointed answers in return

Bemeficent Society: Chpt. 5

Word count: 4788
Newcapia’s Chamber of Commerce shifts into high gear.

Episode 23 of “Homage to Luxenben”

Word count: 6585
Stelzer put under house arrest but manages to work his way out.

Episode 22 of “Homage to Luxenben”

Words: 5556
On what began as a lonely walk, Stelzer unexpectedly encounters a couple who tell him what they know of Neuman’s situation linking it with the ominous-sounding Seedfaith Project.

Episode 21 of Homage to Luxenben

Word Count 6318
On a bus tour of the capital, Stelzer is acquainted with Luxenben’s extensive, but tightly-budgeted, social programs including its novel means of satisfying the poor’s nutritional and shelter needs at no taxpayer expense.

Episode 20 of Homage to Luxenben

Word count: 6178
At the cost of some embarrassment, Stelzer is introduced to one of the critical elements in Luxenben’s economic system–it’s system of taxation. On this enlightened planet, the only thing that is taxed is wealth. Read how they go about it and its salutary impact.

Episode 20, Homage to Luxenben

word count: 6177
To escape the zoo’s turmoil, Matilda and Stelzer visit Klinefeller Downs, a nearby amusement park. Designed to provide entertainment, the grounds nevertheless prove a fertile field for David’s education.

Episode 19, Homage to Luxenben

Word count: 4919
In a planet-wide broadcast, Space Venture’s chairman gives his account of the Neuman affair. He then goes on to formally break relations with the Religious Synod. The very next day Conrad gives notice of a strike by the zoo’s inmates in opposition to company policies. The institution is thrown into conflict..

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