RECIPE FOR  A NEW FORM OF DEMOCRACY STEP 1:  Take one medium-sized democracy STEP 2: Carefully remove the legislative and executive branches. Set aside in reserve. STEP 3: Fill the resulting cavities with wholesome, natural ingredients (see Bemeficent Society, Chapters 11-15 below) STEP 4: Discard reserve

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 14

Word count: 1808
Martin describes the political committee’s replacement for legislatures: the Adminent

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 15

Word count: 1946
The polical committee discloses its approach to law making, the Volitionment

Episode 28, Homage to Luxenben

Word count: 5901
Stelzer does everything he can to thwart Project Seedfaith. Despite his failure to convince anyone of the futility of the mission, he remains unperturbed. Are there hints he has an alternative plan up his sleeve?.

Episode 27 of “Homage to Luxenben.”

Word count: 4880
Project Seedfaith is announced at the annual meeting and Neuman’s association with the project revealed..

Episode 26 of “Homage to Luxenben”

word count: 5789
At last, the climactic company meeting..

Bemeficent Society Chpt 1 (rev)

Word co

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 2 (rev)

Word count: 2968
Sean lectures his committee on the benefits and pitfalls of capitalism. Martin identifies five bad memes that inhibit capitalism’s performance.

Bemeficent Society: Chpt. 3

Word count: 2539
An updated version of capitalism that both Adam Smith and Karl Marx might have been willing to endorse. Granted the opinion of these eminent authorities cannot be reliably confirmed, what is certain is that the economic system advocated herein would be wholeheartedly embraced by present-day union leaders and top management alike.

Episode 25 of “Homage to Luxenben”

Word count: 9619
Wedding bells

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