Sanford, Florida: Lingering Questions

Word count: 885
A minority opinion on the rush-to-judgment media assault.

Man Bites Dog: Obama Bashes Teachers

Word count: 5070

The 800-pound gorilla in the classroom is the teachers union.

Occupying Terra Incognita

Word count: 1213
The education of Hiram Stolz, protester.

The Church of St. Ayn Deconsecrated

word count: 2,116
For those viewers of the “Atlas Shrugged” movie in need of an antidote.

Rich Man, Poor Man

Word Count: 4867
A few modest suggestions designed to eliminate income disparity, class envy, street violence, revolutions and other disagreeable features of our economic system.

Obamacare Makes Me Sick

Word count: 371

No need to repeat the criticisms of Obama’s health care reform bill. What disturbs me even more is what the bill leaves out.

Money Redefined, Part IV

Word count: 2244
The food voucher system is virtually cost free to the government. It is, in reality, a form of income redistribution in which the rich, on a voluntary basis, subsidize the poor.

A Quick Fix for Dysedutopia

Word count: 2202

Public schools in the United States are too fargone for cosmetic reforms. A more radical renovation is called for starting with the National Education Association.

Telunacy and How to Combat It

Word count: 1156

Television plus luncacy equals telunacy.

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