Bemeficent Society: Chpt 6

Word count: 650
The sociology committee gets its assignment

Bemeficent Society: Chpt 7

Word count: 2617
Underprivileged kid makes good thanks to neighborhood gang

Bemeficent Society: Chpt 8

Word count: 2858
Despite her perfect attendance and excellent student record, poverty-stricken girl could not graduate with her classmates.

Bemeficent Society: Chpt 9

Word count: 3995
Sentenced to living as a beach bum turns Howard from a thug into a successful businessman

Bemeficent Society: Chpt 10

Word count: 2765
Q & A session removes all doubts regarding Newcapia’s enlightened approach to sociology

I. Too, Have a Dream

Word count: 521
A white man listens appreciatively to Dr. King”s words.

Eradicating Poverty, Part 1

Word count 1777
The purpose of this essay is to show, first, how disadvantageous poverty is for all Americans and, second, how it might be gotten rid of once and for all.

Eradicating Poverty, Part 2

Word count: 1008
The role of government, non-profits, and corporations in the eradication effort.

Eradicating Poverty, Part 3

Word count: 4076
Six specific recommendations for meeting the needs of the poor without going broke.

Empower the Unemployed

Word count: 1947
A new, short-lived form of corporation would give the unemployed an opportunity to rejoin the commercial world.

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