Trouble Down Below

Word count: 4154
The President can call for more jobs until he is blue in the face but his words will ring hollow if the factory floor is empty

Confidential Poll Reveals Top Ten Wishes for 2011

Word Count 2005
Exclusive report on what the country needs now

Freeing Americans to be American

`Word count: 1495

What it will take, in my opinion, to rescue the country from its perilous economic state.

In support of the Securities & Exchange Dismission

Word count: 3924
The Security and Exchange Commission has failed miserably to meet its own mission-statement objectives.

Money Redefined, Part I

Word count: 1968
The reasons fissures keep occurring in the economy is the same reason cracks keep appearing in the walls of some houses. The problem in both cases is that they’re sitting on a shaky foundation. Plastering over the cracks doesn’t help for long; the next tremors from below dislocate things all over again.

The question “what’s wrong with our economic system?” thus ineluctably leads to the question, “what’s wrong with money?”

Money Redefined, Part II

Word count: 1404
All citizens are issued an account at birth through which all their transactions flow–deposits and deductions. There is no paper currency, no coinage.

Money Redefined, Part III

Word count: 2885
Commercial banks are prohibited from any dealings with individuals. The commercial world is not taxed since the free market is viewed as the source of all wealth.

Money Redefined, Part IV

Word count: 2244
The food voucher system is virtually cost free to the government. It is, in reality, a form of income redistribution in which the rich, on a voluntary basis, subsidize the poor.

Questioning Restoration

Word count: 936

Questioning the wisdom of futilely trying to restore the economy to its former status while inadequately tackling the immediate problem of mass unemployment.

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