Notebook in a Nutshell

word count: 144
A sampling of miscellaneous posts

Newconomics, Revised

Word count: 3177
With all due respect for Karl Marx and Adam Smith, a suitable economic system for today’s world, cannot be found anywhere along the socialist-capitalist axis. An entirely new system, engineered from scratch, is called for.

Eradicating Poverty, Part 1

Word count 1777
The purpose of this essay is to show, first, how disadvantageous poverty is for all Americans and, second, how it might be gotten rid of once and for all.

Eradicating Poverty, Part 2

Word count: 1008
The role of government, non-profits, and corporations in the eradication effort.

Eradicating Poverty, Part 3

Word count: 4076
Six specific recommendations for meeting the needs of the poor without going broke.

Newconomics Continued

Word count: 1852
Frequently Asked Questions. (Or, more accurately, if any questions had been asked, these would likely have been the more frequently raised.)


Word count: 1882
A proposal for a workable economic system radically different than anything tried along the communist-capitalist continuum.

Empower the Unemployed

Word count: 1947
A new, short-lived form of corporation would give the unemployed an opportunity to rejoin the commercial world.

Forecast: Moderate Chance for Rockslides

Word count: 433
Be prepared to flee indoors.

Rich Man, Poor Man

Word Count: 4867
A few modest suggestions designed to eliminate income disparity, class envy, street violence, revolutions and other disagreeable features of our economic system.

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