Notebook in a Nutshell

word count: 144
A sampling of miscellaneous posts

A Few Random Observations

Word Count: 2531
Taking note of President Obama’s unfortunate habit of tailoring his remarks to satisfy one overriding concern–that is to say, how well they play politically. And other pertinent comments on the national scene.

Newconomics, Revised

Word count: 3177
With all due respect for Karl Marx and Adam Smith, a suitable economic system for today’s world, cannot be found anywhere along the socialist-capitalist axis. An entirely new system, engineered from scratch, is called for.

Extracts from President Obama’s 2012 Campaign Speeches

Word count: 6195
Quotes from President Obama’s 2012 campaign speeches

Capitalism: Pro, Con, and Nixed

A political discussion in which left-wing and right-wing advocates put their respective views before a neutral moderator who points out that both are partially correct and partially wrong. Rather than suggesting a compromise between the two positions, the moderator proposes new ideas outside the debaters’ frame of reference.

Can Democrats Face Reality?

Word count: 2822
A reporter attempts to find out.

Mitt Strides into the Arena and…

Word count: 427
Mitt Romney would strengthen his cause if he would sharpen his rhetoric with numbers

Man Bites Dog: Obama Bashes Teachers

Word count: 5070

The 800-pound gorilla in the classroom is the teachers union.

Occupying Terra Incognita

Word count: 1213
The education of Hiram Stolz, protester.

Winning the War on Terrorism

Word count: 2286
Our dilemma is that we must defend ourselves against terrorism yet, at the same time, the cost of doing so is unsustainable under the rules we have set for ourselves.

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