The Path to World Government, Part I

word count: 1333
Unprecedented challenges call for unprecendented action.

The Path to World Government, Part II

Word Count 2151
Needed: a universal, democratic (minus legislators) constitution capable of withstanding the storms that have brought down nations in the past

The Path to World Government, Part III

Word count: 2175

Constitution must be protected by an International Costabulary acting within a jurisdiction like that of a local police force.

The Path to World Government, Part IV

Word count: 1642
A world government will gradually emerge as nations enjoy success under the constitution’s umbrella.

Is Islam a Religion?

Word count: 950
Before Islam can be considered a legitimate religion, it has to act like one.

An Open Letter to Israel

Word count: 2315
Proposals to reshape Israel’s posture toward its neighbors from its negative, unproductive stance to a more constructive one.

Snapshots of the Orient

Word count: 2302
A few scattered impressions from a recent trip to the Orient.

Open Letter to China

word count: 2653

How about another cultural revolution? Not necessarily as fervid as the first and certainly not as violent. But one that might have as great an impact over an even longer period.

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