A Cure for Assadism

Word Count: 3306
Yes, Virginia, there is a way to punish the bad guys without the United States invoking its “responsibilities.”

Vote “No” for Democracy

Word count: 2388
In the Middle East, one country after another is struggling to free itself from its authoritarian past. Are we helping or hurting them by encouraging them to adopt our version of democracy?

Newconomics Continued

Word count: 1852
Frequently Asked Questions. (Or, more accurately, if any questions had been asked, these would likely have been the more frequently raised.)

The Prevalence of Memes

Word count: 3671
More than we realize, our actions are governed by antiquated ideas that threaten the very existence of modern civilization. The essay describes how they may be combated.


Word count: 1882
A proposal for a workable economic system radically different than anything tried along the communist-capitalist continuum.

Ideas from Abroad, II

Word Count: 891 A random collection of practices in foreign countries that, on their face, seem superior to comparable practices of our own and, therefore, be possibly worth emulating.

Painless Solution to Greek Crisis

Word count: 451
Raising the possibility of a dual currency.

Winning the War on Terrorism

Word count: 2286
Our dilemma is that we must defend ourselves against terrorism yet, at the same time, the cost of doing so is unsustainable under the rules we have set for ourselves.

Forecast: Moderate Chance for Rockslides

Word count: 433
Be prepared to flee indoors.

Academy Awards Night in Tehran

Word count: 867
The Tehran Telegraph covers a highpoint in the cultural life of this enlightened metropolis.

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