Bemeficent Society, Chpt 14

GENERAL MEETING OF THE SOCIETY 8 June 2016 Martin opened the Society’ s meeting on a guarded note.  “At our last meeting, I promised to describe the committee’s substitutes for the government branches we deleted from our consideration as unworthy of Newcapia’s system—that is to say, the executive and legislative branches of traditional democracies.  And the political committee is pleased to present these to you. “To prevent any misunderstandings,... [Read More...]

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 15

 GENERAL MEETING OF THE SOCIETY (CONTINUED.) “I hope the break has given you a chance to clear your head for this next session.  You’ve heard the political committee’s recommendation for replacing executive branch.  Now we’re looking forward to presenting our suggested substitute for the legislative branch.  We call it the Volitionment. “The framers of our U.S. constitution did not make law-making easy.  And advisably so.  Law-making... [Read More...]

Episode 28, Homage to Luxenben

  A night of tossing and turning did wonders for my gumption. Early the next morning, I was at Research’s reception desk. The girls’ first words confirmed my hope that once we could speak privately, they would be more forthcoming about their betrothed’s mission than they were at the company meeting. “Ros and I were all for it at first,” Anne began. “It made Neuman happy. The job was one he looked forward to and it paid well.... [Read More...]

Episode 27 of “Homage to Luxenben.”

I did not participate in the acclaim that greeted Captain Siegfried Mueller when he mounted the podium. True, he had treated me decently enough aboard the PLS Starbound when I was brought to Luxenben, but now I had a premonition of what he was about to say and I was not looking forward to it. Mueller was as brusque on stage as he had been on the deck of his ship. He wasted no time on salutations. “When I was prevailed upon to search for the kind... [Read More...]

Notebook in a Nutshell

  A SAMPLING OF MISCELLANEOUS POSTS FICTION: A Night at the Theater  (2878 words) [“fiction” tab] In town alone, xxx, buys two theater tickets with unexpected consequences ECONOMICS: “Capitalism, Pro, Con, & Nixed” (5144 words) Left-wing and right-wing advocates put their respective views before a neutral moderator and are alternatively dismayed and pleased with his impressions.  POLITICS: “Trouble Down Below” (4142 words) What... [Read More...]

The Erasmus Proclamation (rev)

By Dan Hurwitz AUTHOR’S NOTE:  How I came by the Proclamation is immaterial.  Suffice it to say that the scroll has been rescued and brought to light after all these years.  I do, however, feel compelled to add a personal note since this is my last opportunity to publicly do so.  If I have any regret at all in the whole affair, it is that whereas I remain a lifelong, devoted Anglophile, I dare not step foot on English soil again.  This restriction... [Read More...]

Episode 26 of “Homage to Luxenben”

W ith five months to go before the referendum was to be held, the scoreboard looked like this. On the one side were the Religious Synod’s drumbeat of religious dogma, Surge’s tyrannical control over its membership, and the industrious employment of Conrad’s roughneck squads whenever the occasion warranted and, as was normally the case, the administration of public safety was lackadaisical. On the other side were the company’s effective... [Read More...]

Five Most Popular Posts

1. The Erasmus Proclamation 2. Bemeficent Society: Chpt 1 3. Episode 22 of “Homage to Luxenben” 4. Bemeficcnt Society Prologue 5. Episode 24 of “Homage to Luxenben” NOTE: The counter was installed on May 24, 2015 so the results tallied above reflect, of course, only those that that were registered between that date and this.  The counter records just the number of “visits”—not the identities of the users nor their country of... [Read More...]


BETTER MEMES FOR (THE DAY AFTER) TOMORROW  As many of the followers of this blog have no doubt suspected all along, its publisher is understaffed.  Previously, we have managed—often by the skin of our teeth—to overcome this difficulty by scraping together enough new content to satisfy our quarterly deadline.  Not so this issue and an apology is in order. Some time back, a reread of Chapters One and Two of “Bemeficent” found them below the... [Read More...]

Bemeficent Society Chpt 1 (rev)

June 10, 2015 GETTING SET UP  Our temporary chairman, Darren M., called the meeting to order, welcomed our visitors, and urged their participation in our new Society. (Note; given the understandable hesitancy that many had expressed regarding their association with the organization, it was agreed that only first names were to be recorded in our materials.) Darren  thanked our kind host for the use of the hall and, in passing, took note of the open... [Read More...]

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