Engineering a New Form of Government

Most neutral observers would agree that socialism, despite several well-meaning attempts, has proven unworkable.  In much of Europe, Africa, and Latin America, instead of increasing social justice for the people, socialism has resulted in simply adding to their misery.  And nothing can be said to ameliorate the black history of dictatorships.  On the other hand, neither has democracy been a rousing success on the world stage of late.  In the face... [Read More...]

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 11(rev2)

MEETING OF THE POLITICAL COMMITTEE, (REV2)   15 June, 2015   Martin addressed his group—Gretchen, Henry, and Timur—in a matter-of-fact tone that reflected his engineering background.  “Thank you, my friends, for volunteering to serve on the committee.  We’ve had a chance to chat among ourselves at the coffee bar so there’s no need for formal introductions.  Let’s just get to work.  Believe me, there is plenty of it to do and not... [Read More...]

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 12 (rev)

  CHAPTR 12 (rev) MEETING OF THE POLITICAL COMMITTEE, CONTINUED (REV3)  22 June, 2015 “Good evening, group,” said Martin.  “I’m happy to say that Angela is visiting us tonight.  As I’m sure you know, she is one of the society’s founders (and, if truth be known, the brains of our bunch) and heads the committee on religion. “Angela’s presence is our good fortune.  Here’s how it came about. After I spent some time going over... [Read More...]

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 13 (rev 2)

  CHAPTER 13 (rev2)  GENERAL MEETING OF THE EMEFICENT SOCIETY FIRST PRINCIPLES   11 May, 2016 “Now that we’ve cover the commercial world,” said Silvia, “I am pleased to turn the meeting over to the political committee.  Surely none of our teams has worked harder to bring you their report.  They have met every single week since their formation last year, and, as individuals, they’ve put in a nmber of extra hours besides.  So please... [Read More...]

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 14

GENERAL MEETING OF THE SOCIETY THE ADMINENT 8 June 2016   Martin opened the Society’ s meeting on a guarded note.  “At our last meeting, I promised to describe the committee’s substitutes for the government branches that we abruptly truncated—that is to say, the executive and legislative branches of traditional democracies.  The political committee is now pleased to present these substitutions to you. “To prevent any misunderstanding,... [Read More...]

Bemificent Society, Chpt 15

GENERAL MEETING OF THE SOCIETY THE VOLITIONMENT   13 July, 2016 “At our last meeting, you heard the political committee’s recommendation to eliminate the traditional executive branch and substitute, in its place, a functional replacement, the Adminent,” said Martin. “At this meeting, we’ll present our version of the legislative branch, the Volitionment. “The framers of our U.S. constitution did not make law-making easy.  And advisably... [Read More...]

Bemeficent Society, Chpt 16

CHAPTER 16 LAW ENFORCEMENT August 10, 2016  . INTRODUCTION Martin opened this penultimate presentation of his political committee with a thumbnail list of their discussions thus far.  “Government is too extensive a topic for us to cover completely, but we’ve covered a good deal of ground: the bad memes infecting our existing institutions, how Gad can help us make changes, limiting government to intellectual activities, the Adminent, and the... [Read More...]

Bemeficent Society, Chpt. 17

CHAPTER 17 Q & A REGARDING GOVERNMENT September 14, 2016 ” Thank you for giving us on the political committee the opportunity to present our version of what a government should look like in this day and age. “And thank you very much for the questions you’ve turned in.  Just like the last time we asked for your comments, we got more than could be fit into today’s meeting.  So, we were forced into an editorial triage of sorts, thankfully... [Read More...]

Episode 29, Homage to Luxenben

33.  PARTING COMPANY   Once I was aware of Project Seedfaith’s mission, I realized my journal might contribute to it by revealing an impression of Luxenben from a visitor’s viewpoint.  Obviously it could not substitute for the authoritative Red Book but, I felt, it could supplement that document in two, hopefully useful, ways. When the Red Book was written, many of the societal constructs that now adorn the planet were but a gleam in the... [Read More...]


RECIPE FOR  A NEW FORM OF DEMOCRACY STEP 1:  Take one medium-sized democracy STEP 2: Carefully remove the legislative and executive branches. Set aside in reserve. STEP 3: Fill the resulting cavities with wholesome, natural ingredients (see Bemeficent Society, Chapters 11-15 below) STEP 4: Discard reserve  Read More →

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