Engineering a New Form of Government

Most neutral observers would agree that socialism, despite several well-meaning attempts, has proven unworkable.  In much of Europe, Africa, and Latin America, instead of increasing social justice for the people, socialism has resulted in simply adding to their misery.  And nothing can be said to ameliorate the black history of dictatorships.  On the other hand, neither has democracy been a rousing success on the world stage of late.  In the face of rising discontent, it has been doing a poor job right here in the United States of addressing pressing problems.  Perhaps it is time to consider other ways of running the store.  But what other choices are there?


Dan Huwitz’s forthcoming book, “Engineering a New World Order,” offers an alternative governmental system.  Starting with a clean slate, trashing the left-right political axis, and adopting the mindset of a professional engineer, he proposes what he believes to be a set of rational, coherent policies that may, on first hearing, sound radical but are, in fact, conservative in terms of their compliance with natural order.  For more information, see Chapters 11 through 17 listed below under the book’s subtitle, “Proceedings of the Bemeficent (Better Memes for Tomorrow) Society.”


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