Notebook in a Nutshell



FICTION: A Night at the Theater  (2878 words) [“fiction” tab]

In town alone, xxx, buys two theater tickets with unexpected consequences

ECONOMICS: “Capitalism, Pro, Con, & Nixed” (5144 words)

Left-wing and right-wing advocates put their respective views before a neutral moderator and are alternatively dismayed and pleased with his impressions.

 POLITICS: “Trouble Down Below” (4142 words)

What possible connection could there be between a destroyer adrift in the Mediterranean  and the Ship  of State solidly ensconced in Washington DC

 RELIGION: “Religious Differences Act 1” (6284 words) [“religion” tab]

Two lovers at loggerheads over their disparate, strongly-held faiths.  Can their relationship be saved?

MUSINGS: “A Few Random Observations” (2531 words)

Taking note of President Obama’s unfortunate tendency to tailor his remarks for their political advantage at whatever the cost to their veracity plus other pertinent observations on the national scene.

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